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New IBM Reduced Parts Pricing

IBM has recently reduced prices on thousands of IBM Maintenance part numbers. To get the latest pricing and availability for a part number, please check this site or call 1-800-388-7080. Thank You.

IBM U.S. carries over 50,000 quality parts for the maintenance of IBM products. This includes displays, hard drives, electronic boards, power supplies, memory and hardware parts for the full range of IBM products that are currently being marketed or for products previously marketed within the last 5 years. Maintenance parts can be ordered by contacting the U.S Parts Order Center at: 1-800-388-7080.

NOTE: Clients are responsible for installing any software and / or firmware updates to the latest version available for the part or product during the installation of the part or product.

Tax exempt reference

Contact your State's Department of Revenue office, or visit their state website. Once you have completed the necessary state requirements and forms, submit your question and tax exemption certification to


To order parts from the wholesale store, use your customer number and location ID to log in:


Retail customers, please enter the store from below:

Please note: Wholesale customers include authorized Lenovo Business Partners and Third Party Maintenance Providers entitled to purchase parts at a discounted price for post warranty support.

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Excess inventory pricing

Please check our reduced pricing of parts with limited quantities.